Cricket Goes High-Tech: The Last Latest Advances and Their Significance

Technology has revolutionized modern cricket, allowing for more accurate decision-making during games.

Review systems such as DRS and Snickometer have become essential tools for umpires in determining decisions.

Hawk-Eye technology uses multiple camera angles to track the trajectory of the ball, providing precise information on LBW calls and catches.

The use of Hotspot technology provides evidence of contact between bat and ball, aiding umpires in making correct decisions on edges.

The introduction of smart stumps has improved the speed and accuracy of run-out decisions.

Wearable technology such as smartwatches and fitness trackers are used by players to monitor and track their performance and fitness levels.

Technology is also used in cricket broadcasting to provide viewers with enhanced insights, graphics, and slow-motion replays.

Data analytics software is used to analyze player performance, team tactics, and match strategies, aiding in the development of cricket skills and techniques.

Groundsmen use technology to maintain cricket pitches, providing optimal playing conditions for players.

The use of technology in modern cricket has increased fan engagement and has contributed to the growth of the sport globally.

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