Reason why Cricket is more popular than any sport in



The Cost of Cricket equipments are are affordable, Even someone from humble background can easily pursue cricket

Easy to Play

Most player in India start their cricket cariier by playing gully cricket in their localities

There are numbers of Amazing cricketers who have changed perspective of the public about cricket like Sachin Tendulkar, Anil Kumble, Sunil Gavaskar

Inspiring Batsman

For Most young players a these players are inspiration for starting their cricket career and even they just want to play for fun.

the ICC Tournaments have player a major role in cricket's popularity. India have won two world cups 1983 and 2011

ICC Tournaments

These major tournaments in huge part in cricketers being alleviated to a celebrity. These evens encourage young people to pursue cricket as their career.

The Indian premier league is started by BCCI and it's the best T20 league in the world. The combination of sports and entertainment has been a huge hit in the country

Emergence of IPL

When IPL is being played bollywood stars don't release their film for the feat of not getting enough traction. This is the leven of public attention IPL have.

BCCI is the most powerful cricket board in the world, it is also a richest board. They don't have to depend on government for any finances.


although India is the major cricketing base but still ICC moved their headquater from london to dubai

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